Is it Bengaluru or Bangalore?

I am a proud Bengalurian and in fact several generations of my family come from this very special place. I am a little frustrated with its current situation of having two different names “Bengaluru” and “Bangalore“. The original name of Bengaluru is actually Bendakaluru which I guess was shortened by the local community to make it easy to use it.  It was transformed to yet another new name during  the British rule in India as Bangalore probably due to pronunciation issues.  During the recent revolution with the names, perhaps by a patriotic group, we were supposed to go back to use the original names of most major Indian cities. With this rule, Bangalore is supposed to be replaced by its original name Bengaluru. Although the goal of reversing the name back to its authentic name was a great idea, it appears that the steps taken towards revising the name has not been adequate thus leading to this confusion. I sure wanted to show my support to the original name of my beautiful city and thus the title of my book, Bengaluru Brunch.


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